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Financial Planner

VKA – Malaysia Financial Planner

Looking for Financial Planner?


Personal Financial Planning

VKA personal financial planning services specialise in various areas including insurance planning, retirement planning, investment planning, education planning, taxation planning and estate planning. Through their affiliation with established local and offshore financial institutions, their financial advisors will help to customise a financial plan which is best suited to each client’s needs and financial goals.  their experienced financial advisors can assist their clients with independent advisory services separate from any particular bank, investment or insurance company.

PRS Malaysia

VKA take a holistic approach to their clients retirement needs. They offer a wide spectrum of retirement planning services that include:

  • PRS Consultation
  • PRS Distribution

Retirement planning

VKA Wealth Planners is all about helping you build your Financial Bridge for Life. they can help you plan for all your retirement needs and provide you with independent advice on how to remain financially independent through your retirement years.

Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)

As the Employer, Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Series can help you gain the following advantages over your competition:

  • Attract and Retain the Right Talent
  • Convenience with Innovative Online Service Platform
  • Customized PRS Payroll Solutions
  • Greater Tax Benefit

Receive a tax deduction on contributions to PRS Series made on behalf of your employees, up to 19% of the employees’ remuneration.

For more information about Malaysia Financial Planner, please visit  https://www.vka.com.my/

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