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Benefits of PLC

Programmable logic controller or PLC system is a microprocessor based control system designed to operate in the industrial sector. PLCs are programmed to detect, move and control industrial equipment such as motors, lights, solenoids, hydraulic systems and more by combining input and output numbers where it allows as many electrical signals to be connected.

There are six main advantages of using a PLC through a relay system as follows:

  • Flexibility

A single PLC can easily run multiple machines.

  • Ease of problem solving

Back before the PLC, cable type relay panels needed time to rearrange panels and devices. With PLC controlling any circuit or sequence design changes is as simple as quoting logic. Fixing errors in PLC is quick and cost effective.

  • Space efficiency

Less necessary components in PLC systems than conventional hardware systems. The PLC performs the functions of a timer, counter, synchronization, and control relay, so this hardware device is not required. The only field devices needed are those that are directly connected to systems such as switches and motor starters.

  • Low cost

PLC prices vary from a few hundred to a few thousand. This is a minimum compared to the price of contacts, coils, and timers that the company pays to adjust the same. Using PLC also saves on installation and delivery costs.

  • Exams

PLC programs can be tested, evaluated, and validated in the laboratory before implementation in the field.

  • Visual operation

When running a PLC program, a visual operation of displaying on the screen or status module lights installed helps in making circuit solutions quick, easy, and convenient.

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