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RSM – Business Process Outsourcing Company

Who is RSM Malaysia ?


GST Accounting Services

RSM is a reputable company that serve SMI Malaysia for GST accounting outsourcing services, financial accounting outsourcing services and more.

Outsourcing Payroll Services

Timely and accurate payroll deliveries have a significant impact on employees’ morale and performance level. As this critical process may not give your company a competitive advantage, it is the ideal activity to be outsourced as resources needed for a full-fledged payroll function may not justify its benefits.

Staff Placement Services Malaysia

They have a pool of experience accounting professionals that can be placed in your finance department for a specific period of time. They have been supplying staff ranging from accounting assistants, executive to managers in reputable multinationals as well as local companies.

Accounting Services in Johor Bahru

According to the Johor State Investment Centre, the state’s economy is growing tremendously due to growing industrialization and diversification of its economy base. RSM Outsourcing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is ready to offer their range of outsourced services to and also share their client service experience with our valued Johor clientele. They would like to listen and understand your specific issues and tailor their solutions to address your needs, in line with their global motto of “the Power of Being Understood”.

For more information about Business Process Outsourcing Company, please visit http://www.rsmmalaysia-outsourcing.com/

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