This stainless steel turbine ventilator available in Malaysia is very strong and durable. It comes in sizes from 14” to 30”. It is manufactured using material imported from Taiwan.


  • Inhale the heat of the sun trapped in the roof of the house, so that the heat in the roof does not absorb into the house.

  • The installation of the air vent on the asbestos / lime coins is very important to help remove the heat from the house out through the already shattered coins.

  • No hot ventilator is still felt even when the fan is on. (This is because most homes are built regardless of ventilation factor.)

  • While the air vents in the home are more comfortable and comfortable, and prevent air odor in the room and living room of the house.

  • Reduces dust and is suitable for children with asthma.

  • You will feel at home even in the hot sun.

  • Seriously at night, because the heat is not felt, it makes you sleepy.

  • Protects limestone and home asbestos coins from sunburn and yellowish from the heat of the sun.

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