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Turbine Ventilator Malaysia

This stainless steel turbine ventilator available in Malaysia is very strong and durable. It comes in sizes from 14” to 30”. It is manufactured using material imported from Taiwan.


  • Inhale the heat of the sun trapped in the roof of the house, so that the heat in the roof does not absorb into the house.

  • The installation of the air vent on the asbestos / lime coins is very important to help remove the heat from the house out through the already shattered coins.

  • No hot ventilator is still felt even when the fan is on. (This is because most homes are built regardless of ventilation factor.)

  • While the air vents in the home are more comfortable and comfortable, and prevent air odor in the room and living room of the house.

  • Reduces dust and is suitable for children with asthma.

  • You will feel at home even in the hot sun.

  • Seriously at night, because the heat is not felt, it makes you sleepy.

  • Protects limestone and home asbestos coins from sunburn and yellowish from the heat of the sun.

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