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Weighing Terminal is one of the components of a truck scale system

Your scale will have a control unit, often called a terminal or indicator. They can range from simple to elaborate. Below are some of the advanced features you may consider when choosing a terminal:

  • Control more than one scale with a single terminal
  • Connect with USB/Ethernet to computers and networks used to interact with scale software, transfer data across company networks and use remote diagnostics.
  • Connect wireless connectivity with the scale and other accessories
  • Automate other scale accessories, such as gates and lights for traffic control
  • View data on graphic displays with varying levels of detail
  • Store tare/net weights with various memory capacities for transaction logging
  • Connect to various compatible ticket printers.

The terminal also may serve as the power supply to some or all of the load cells.  Some will specify how many load cells they are able to support. If the supply power to the terminal is subject to fluctuations in your area, consider using an aftermarket power conditioner.

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