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Industrial Scale

What is a Truck Scale?

Truck scales are basically the same as weight bridges. The main use of this tool is to measure the weight of a truck or other heavy vehicle that has four or more wheels. This tool according to the source that I got can be moved according to their needs (portable). So the system which includes portable equipment makes this equipment easy to use and adaptable in all fields. This tool is mainly needed in several industrial fields such as logistics, freight forwarding, ports and agriculture.

One of the main functions of this tool is to monitor heavy loads carried by vehicles in certain traffic lanes. Why is monitoring necessary? First, vehicles with heavy transport overload are usually prone to causing road damage. Especially if heavy rains flushed the area. It should be remembered that each road segment in each region has its own class. So do not be surprised if you go to the Sudirman, Kuningan or Monas areas, you will rarely find roads that are hollow because these roads have better asphalt quality compared to the asphalt at Kp Terminal. Malay for example. Likewise with the road that should have been traversed by trucks carrying tons of weight. The roads traversed by these trucks must be roads with special qualifications. The use of weigh bridges or truck scales in this case is used as a preventive measure against road damage. This has also been regulated by the Decree of the Minister of Transportation. It is true that it has not been made into a law which is binding and has a heavy penalty value, but still this is a government regulation.

The way to use this weigh bridge is fairly simple. The truck for which you want to measure its weight will run and then stop right above the weighbridge. Then the Ministry of Transportation officer who is on duty will weigh the weight of the vehicles that are already on the weigh bridge. If the officer finds the excess weight, the officer will later instruct the truck driver to direct the car to the overload storage warehouse and then unload the cargo. Then the officer will instruct the truck driver to direct the truck back to the scale for re-measurement. If it is in accordance with the rules, the truck can pass. If not, the truck driver must return to unload the cargo to the storage warehouse.

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