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SYMPHONY – Data Processing Malaysia

Data Processing Malaysia


Data processing and document processing services are the provisions of software and consultancy services relating to clearing as well as payment service management and the operation of data processing and data verification service bureaux. At the heart of our service provision is a data processing infrastructure with an underlying commitment of carrying out the service within a strong corporate governance.

  • Receiving data verify information into data requiring system
  • Pre Sorting segregate data according to the transaction
  • Data capturing and data storage process according to the transaction. Automatically assign the run file number and sequence according to the transaction
  • Data Entry – Keying in inputs regarding the data relevant to the transaction
  • Balancing & Validation – ensuring all data amount(s) reconcile
  • Visual and UV Light checking to detect data fraud.

They offer a robust data processing infrastructure and an underlying commitment of carrying out the service within a strong corporate governance at the heart of the service provision.

Their competitive edge lies in proven multi-client processing capability. It allows for the clients to benefit from economies-of-scale whilst still maintaining the data integrity and data security. The multi-client processing ability is demonstrated in the manner that the bureau is established, its design to cater for several clients, and the delineation of systems, people and processes that data from different client goes through. All of these features are being replicated for the service bureaus in Malaysia. They currently operate their data processing services out of eight different locations across West Malaysia.

For more information about Data Processing Malaysia, please visit https://www.symphony.com.my/

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